About Experiments in Vitality

This blog's mission is to encourage people to live with an experimental attitude. You don't have to know what the "right" thing is or work really hard. You can just try things. Just experiment. Follow those hunches and your instincts.

Say YES to your curiosity. Listen to the strange, small voice inside you that has desires and dreams. Respect the messages of your body and your intuition.

Try things that seem silly or "not you." Let yourself play. Make a mess.

Make your life interesting to you.

Meet Amber

Amber King is the creator of the blog Experiments in Vitality. She is a trained journalist, nature enthusiast, and advocate for mental health and creativity. 

I am a human creating a happy life. I do this by engaging in little experiments follow my intuition and feel alive.

I am in my biggest experiment yet: living without depression. It feels weird because for so long, depression made me feel like nothing interested me or could be enjoyed. Now I feel like I have a decade's backlog of things that are exciting and worth pursuing!

I created Experiments in Vitality to inspire others to experiment and share their adventures. May we empower each other to live creatively and courageously!

It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect; It Just Has to Be In Motion

I have been seeking vitality for a long time. I was often dragged down by a sluggish thyroid, bedridden by depression, or exhausted by stress. My own desire for an adventurous, meaningful life--one I never had the energy for--often left me in despair. Even after I got some essential physical care figured out, I couldn't face the uphill climb of figuring out what to do with my life.

I was looking for a pure, singular answer. Even though I had ostensibly left perfectionism behind, I still held out hope for an ideal life. You're probably not surprised to hear that this "perfect answer" approach has yet to pan out.

Things began to change when I started Hakomi therapy training and learned about having "an experimental attitude." No longer was I constantly "failing at life." I was simply experimenting and learning from the results.

This went into high gear after hearing Elizabeth Gilbert speak and beginning The Artist's Way. Suddenly, I was living a whole different way. Instead of hiding behind nights of Netflix and days in bed, I went to art galleries, got dressed up in my favorite clothes for no reason, and went swimming on random weekday mornings. I also experimented with Prozac, something I had completely resisted for years. 

One day, listening to Elizabeth Gilbert talk about creating things on her "Magic Lessons" podcast, I heard her say, "It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be in motion. And that, of course, is the definition of vitality."

Everything inside of me stood up and said YES. This makes sense: I don't have to find one perfect thing to feel happy. I just need to be in motion, experimenting.

And finally, I feel alive.

These are pages from my 2010 journal. Over the next 6 years, frustration with my health drove me to yoga, acupuncture, therapy, and finally, an experimental attitude. 

These are pages from my 2010 journal. Over the next 6 years, frustration with my health drove me to yoga, acupuncture, therapy, and finally, an experimental attitude.