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Three reasons to use your voice even if you are afraid you sound stupid

To be perfectly honest, sometimes I worry that what I write about just sounds stupid to other people, especially when I am having fun writing (ouch). But I really like what author Shauna Niequist asks: What do you love even though no one else does?

I love sassy ladies, silliness, and art--high, low and everything in between. I love dogs. I love speaking candidly with friends about periods and poop.

I could focus on cooler interests: being outdoorsy or building our house. I value those things but they are not the stuff of my everyday imagination or my actual personality.

I comfort myself with the thought that no matter what I really love, there is someone else who thinks that is stupid.

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I finally dyed my hair rainbow unicorn colors!

I had wanted to dye my hair crazy colors forEVER, but I have always seemed to have school or a job that prevented me. When I did The Artist Way, making my hair crazy colors came up again and again in my morning pages. Coloring your hair is a pretty low-risk experiment, yet it felt somehow scary, like I was breaking the rules. When I saw bright hair dye for sale around Halloween, I decided it was time!

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