5 Steps to Changing Your (Approach to) Life with an Experimental Attitude

Don't know how? Let's break it down.


Step 1: Identify an area in your life in which you would like to experiment.

Examples: Health, Relationships, Creativity, Personal power

Ask yourself: "Where do I feel stuck?" "Where do I feel bored?" "What do I wish for?"


Step 2: Brainstorm some “little experiments.” 

Think small. "Bite-sized."

Examples: Embodied, Verbal, Habit disruption/formation, Artistic


Step 3: Set up experiment and conduct it in mindfulness.

Do it on purpose

Pay attention to what happens; be curious and collect data

Try to  be a neutral-to-loving observer; “just notice”

COAL: curious, open, accepting, loving


Step 4: Allow the experiment to complete.

Can you get some satisfaction/nourishment from the experience?
Let it integrate in your subconscious--you don’t have to “figure out” what it means or what you have learned right away.
Take a walk
Make an image/art
Sleep on it--nap, overnight, a few nights
Make meaning out of it.
Always get support if you need it. Maybe from a therapist or loved one who is truly a good listener.


Step 5: Follow your insights from this experiment. What new little experiments would you like to try?

Enjoyable/interesting/exciting/helpful: do it again, or more experiments in the same vein.

Uncomfortable, couldn’t do it, or it was enjoyable but with negative internal backlash: experiment with the block.

(Both are ways of going deeper.)