The Creatrix Collective

creatrix: female founder, creator, authoress

The Creatrix Collective is comprised of my personal friends who run their own small businesses. These badass women hustle to create what they want to see in the world.

Nova Beltran, coach and psychotherapist

Nova Beltran, coach and psychotherapist

Nova works with women who are seekers of personal growth, spirituality, and self-awareness.  Using mindfulness and creativity, she will support you in learning ways to connect inward, be kinder to yourself, and release any pains or limiting beliefs that may be in the way of creating the life you want. (Read my interview with Nova.)

Connect with Nova for a free clarity session at 832-724-1902 or email

Amber King, blogger, writer, designer

Amber King, Yaysayer {Parties & Prezzies for Besties}

Want to host a memorable gathering but don’t have the time to DIY or the budget for formal rentals? Yaysayer’s party decor packages are prepackaged in quirky, casual themes. They are flexible designs that can work for a range of occasions with friends (think housewarming, backyard bbq, moon party, birthday) and lovers (like a proposal, anniversary, wedding shower, or bach party)!

All party packages are designed by Amber King with collaboration from local artists, serving the mission of spreading joy and opportunity for women and other marginalized people!

Check out Yaysayer or visit the YaysayerFun gift shop on Etsy.

Laura Krupa makes eco-friendly home goods.

Laura and Justin Krupa, teamkrupaconversions

Laura is a crafty mama in the Pacific Northwest renovating and converting large vehicles into tiny homes with her partner Justin. They sell the converted homes to fund their own Skoolie house.

You can contact Laura at

Julie Balderrama, dream coach and teacher.

Julie Balderrama, dream coach and Tai Chi teacher

Julie empowers empaths and highly sensitive people to become resilient agents of change in the world. She will teach you to extract the wisdom, guidance, and healing available in your nighttime dreams to make your waking-life dreams come true. Julie offers private coaching, group programs, workshops and retreats.

Connect with Julie at 512-751-8130 or email