The Creatrix Collective

creatrix: female founder, creator, authoress

The Creatrix Collective is comprised of my personal friends who run their own small businesses. These badass women hustle to create what they want to see in the world.

Nova Beltran, coach and psychotherapist

Nova Beltran, coach and psychotherapist

Nova works with women who are seekers of personal growth, spirituality, and self-awareness.  Using mindfulness and creativity, she will support you in learning ways to connect inward, be kinder to yourself, and release any pains or limiting beliefs that may be in the way of creating the life you want. (Read my interview with Nova.)

Connect with Nova for a free clarity session at 832-724-1902 or email

Amber King, blogger, writer, designer

Amber King, Black Raspberry Design

In addition to blogging here on Experiments, I love making things to surprise my friends! I started this Etsy shop selling party decor because I love that moment when someone realizes that you have done something creative and special just for them. My designs are printable, instant digital downloads, so you can have the fun of making your friends feel super loved!!

Contact me at or visit BlackRaspberryDesign on Etsy.

Laura Krupa makes eco-friendly home goods.

Laura Krupa, Carrupa Designs

Laura is a crafty mama living in the Pacific Northwest. She handcrafts clothes and home goods out of upcycled fabric. Her floor cushions out of 100% upcycled cotton and are durable, firm and give you just the right amount of lift off of the floor to correct posture and be comfortable while meditating or playing with the kids. Each cushion is unique and measures approximately 14” wide by 2.5” tall.

For order inquires, contact Laura at

Julie Balderrama, dream coach and teacher.

Julie Balderrama, dream coach and Tai Chi teacher

Julie empowers empaths and highly sensitive people to become resilient agents of change in the world. She will teach you to extract the wisdom, guidance, and healing available in your nighttime dreams to make your waking-life dreams come true. Julie offers private coaching, group programs, workshops and retreats.

Connect with Julie at 512-751-8130 or email